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Fabric Fund Update

Energy @ St Matthew’s

Following changing electric supplier and joining the collective buying power of Parish Buying we are now 100% renewable in electric.

We have also changed the majority of our bulbs to LED saving up to 90% electric per bulb.

We are currently fundraising so we can change the remaining bulbs.

St Matthew’s

Open Gardens

Amazing day so far, remember we are still here till 5pm.

Open Gardens is nearly here!

Remember Open Gardens is on tomorrow, hopefully the weather picks up and we raise some much needed funds for our local charity, St Matthew’s Church.

St Matthew’s

Open Gardens 2019

Remember Open Gardens is on this Sunday.

It is a great community event where family’s can get together and explore Hutton Buscel, while also raising funds for St Matthew’s Church (exempt charity) to maintain its listed building and grounds, so they can be used by the community for generations to come.

St Matt’s

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