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Largest open Churchyard in North Yorkshire

Have you walked round recently?

We have received many positive comments, particularly on the facebook page ‘I love Scarborough’ for the eye popping display of snowdrops.

Did you know it costs over £4K a year to maintain the Churchyard and many hours from church volunteers.

Would you like to get involved?

-Purchase a bench?

-Purchase a tree?

-Sponsor Daffodil planting?

-Sponsor Tulip planting?

-Sponsor waste collection (Churchyard general waste and brown bin)

-Help liter picking or pruning bushes?

Or would you like to make a donation please contact us or place your donation in the wall box inside the church (open during day light hours 365 days a year)!

St Matt’s

Recycling at Church

Did you know we have a battery recycling box in the entrance?

Just pop in and deposit your old batteries – Church is open during daylight hours seven days a week!

St Matt’s x


The Archbishop of York’s Pilgrimage Pictures

Pilgrimage Pictures

Deanery Action Day Sat 13th February

At the last Deanery Synod, we decided to develop our plans for
the Deanery by holding an Action Day in which Deanery Action
Groups would be established to further Christian work and
witness in our Deanery.
The Action Day will be held at Middleton Village Hall on Saturday,
13 February starting at 11 am and finishing around 3 pm. Lunch
will be provided. There will be a contribution plate to help defray
Your Standing Committee considers that the following Action
Groups should be established and that the meeting should
determine their membership and initial activities.
Justice. Engaging actively in issues of social justice (eg poverty
alleviation, help for asylum seekers etc)
Worship. Creating and engaging in innovative and exciting
worship (including music and the arts)
Telling Story. Reaching out and communicating the Christian
message to all ages and faith or non faith groups.
Media and Communications. Developing the Deanery
newsletter and web presence and using the media more to
advertise and report on our work and events.
Social. Developing our social life – having fun together.
We seek your active involvement. Indeed we also seek the active
involvement of those not on Deanery Synod but who have the
enthusiasm and energy to get involved in God’s work. Please let
me know either by post, telephone or email whether you will be
attending and, if so, which Action Group you particularly favour.
Also, we would be grateful if you could encourage non-Synod
members to join us and also let me know if they will come and
what group they would prefer.
These are exciting times for our Diocese and Deanery. Our
Archbishop on his pilgrimage is setting an excellent evangelistic
and prayerful example to us all and we look forward to him
coming to the Deanery from 7-10 January. We also look forward
to following his example and Christ’s commands to us more
actively in the coming year.
Yours sincerely
St John Harris
Deanery Synod Secretary for Deanery Standing Committee


Archbishop’s pilgrimage at the Upper Derwent Benefice

A Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing

Between Advent 2015 and Trinity 2016 I will be engaging in a
Diocesan Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing. I am therefore
writing to invite you to participate in this Pilgrimage, whether through
prayer or in person.
The vision for this Pilgrimage lies in the roots of our Christian
Heritage. As I have prayed and waited on God, I have been inspired
by the great Northern Saints, such as Aidan, Cuthbert, and Hilda who
took to the road to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A Pilgrimage of Prayer – As I walk, I will be taking time to listen to
God for His will for us as a Diocese. I will be using the surroundings as
an inspiration to intercede for all who live in this fantastic part of God’s
kingdom. As I meet with people and talk about their hopes and
dreams, their fears and disappointments, I will also pray with them,
knowing that each time we cry out to God, He hears and responds.

A Pilgrimage of Witness – I will be taking every opportunity, like
Aidan, to talk to all those with whom I meet about the love of God
made visible in Jesus Christ. I long for the people I meet to be
refreshed in faith and hope in Christ, possibly for the first time.

#A Pilgrimage of Blessing – As I walk I will be keeping watch for
those places where God’s Kingdom is breaking in and seeking to
bless them. This will in turn inspire further intercession that we may
see more of the power of God making a difference amongst us.

To those of you who will be providing hospitality of sanctuary and
refectory, I want to say a huge thank you. As we meet and pray
together, I pray that we may be a mutual blessing on to another.
See you on the road! With every blessing,

Archbishop Sentamu

The Archbishop’s pilgrimage brings him to the Upper Derwent
We are delighted to welcome the Archbishop as he walks through our
villages. We hope that many of you will join him for some or all of
this very special journey.

0830 – 0900
Morning Prayer at St Matthew’s, Hutton Buscel, led by the Archbishop

0900 – 0922
Walk to Wykeham Church via the footpath past the caravan site (0.72
miles) accompanied by parishioners

0930 – 10.00
Archbishop to visit Wykeham C of E Primary School to meet children
staff and governors.

1000 – 1100
Walk to Cayley lane, Brompton via Ruston and A170 (1.57 miles)
accompanied by parishioners.

1100 – 1130
Archbishop to visit Glaves Butchers for a tour of the business and to
meet staff

1130 – 1220
Walk to Wydale Hall via Brompton Church (1.57 miles) accompanied
by parishioners.

1220 – 1300
Archbishop to visit Wydale Hall to meet with visitors and staff, and for

1300 – 1315
Travel by car to Snainton School

1315 – 1345
Visit to Snainton School to meet children, staff and Governors

1345 – 1355
Travel by car to St Stephen’s, Snainton

1355 -1415
Inspect church and meet with church wardens

Archbishop to depart to Ellerburn by car


Pilgrimage Prayer
God of Our Pilgrimage, Thank You for Your Friendship.
Be the Fire Leading Us. Be the Star Guiding Us.
Be the Good Shepherd Calling Us. May the Spirit, Strengthen Us
For All that Lies Ahead. May Your Holy Angels, Surrounding Us:
Watch, Defend and Protect Us Against All Evil. Amen


Miniature Christmas Tree Festival 2015 (Brompton

tree 2015

Benefice Advent Course 2015

Click on the link below to see the flyer with details of times, dates and who to contact:

Benefice of Upper D Advent Course 2015


John the Baptist tells us to share what
we don’t need with others (Luke 3: 11)
Please put your gifts of food in the gift collection boxes to be found at:
St. Matthew’s Church Hutton Buscel,
St. Helen’s and All Saints Church Wykeham,
St. Peter’s Church Langdale End
All Saints Church Brompton,
St Stephen’s Church Snainton,
Snainton Methodist Church,
Ayton Methodist Church,
BUDS, and MU Meetings.
Please support this appeal for food


Apology for no June update (and a birth announcement!)

The website administrator would like to apologise for being a month late in uploading the June Messenger to the website and adding June dates to the calendar. This was due to giving birth to baby Eric John Albert Hutchinson on 25th May 2014 (10.21pm, 7lb 9oz!) and not having a minute spare ever since!

I hope I can be forgiven


IMG_3071  IMG_3105IMG_3093IMG_3058

Neil Gardner steps down as Churchwarden in Hutton Buscel

Hutton Buscel
Handing over the baton! As I step down as Churchwarden and Hon. Treasurer of St. Matthew’s, I should like to extend my gratitude to all those who have helped me and supported me during the past seven years (as Treasurer) and two years (as Churchwarden) – the PCC past and present; John Thompson (former Treasurer); Terry Cartlidge who seems to manage effortlessly and with good humour to run together a very responsible and demanding job with the vital role of organist to several of our churches; Sam Pearson for keeping the churchyard trimmed and clipped; Brenda Little and Denise Holtby for providing the much enjoyed post service victuals, all those who have read or led our intercessions; the ‘flower team’, Beryl Lowson for her daily unlocking and relocking of the church, and of course, our Vicar, Stuart and his team of clergy.

In particular, I should like to make special mention of Shirley Cooke, who treads a regular path to and from the church in her almost daily attention to duty making sure that the heating is working and programmed for the next service, that there is enough oil, that supplies of wine, hosts and candles are plentiful, that altar cloths are changed, and in general, making sure that the church is prepared for worship.
Without her, the job of Churchwarden would be far more onerous. My good wishes go to the new team:

Churchwardens, David Knowelden and
Beverley Waldie, and Hon.Treasurer,
Malcolm Hewitt. I wish them every
success in office.

Neil Gardner


From the Editor . .
I’m sure everyone at St Matthew’s joins
me in wishing Neil a well earned
‘retirement’. He has done a remarkable
job at keeping us on an even keel
through some stormy weather!! Thank
you on behalf of the PCC and

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